I love exploring what’s happening in business today.  So much of the business world influences most of what’s happening around the world. Today I checked out, “Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed” from Entrepreneur Magazine.

“Is your boss or client asking you to solve interesting problems, then you have your work cut out for you? Take interesting risks. Try something different until something sticks. Those that do it discover interesting things about themselves.”

“Programmers don’t get bothered when something doesn’t work. They just keep trying something new until it sticks.”

“What if I tried something new altogether?  I tried to work with Amazon publishing to try something new. I didn’t add a bunch of words to the book. I just created a beautiful cover to practice what I preach.”

“Too often people do something extraordinary but then we don’t ask, ‘How’d you do that!?’ in order to learn… At one time not every appliance had electricity so you’d have to learn how electricity work in order to use various appliances. Now however, we have been trained in school and the corporate world to not ask questions.”

“The people who can shut down the lizard brain will change the world. That’s why Silicon Valley works… This is the easiest time ever to start a business. The resources are there. The only hold back is the voice(s) in your own head.”

“No one gives you initiative, you just have to take it.”

“Singapore insists that you go poke and explore what people are doing or exploring. They push their people to do it. We (in America) are lulling ourselves asleep and losing the ability to ask questions and explore.”

“We often feel stuck thinking we can’t change the organization or break out and try new things.”

“I use to go in on the weekends and answered phones. So later when I was sitting in a board meeting I could say, ‘Hey when I talked to…’”

“Every so often you hear about a waitress that got a $10k tip. But she got it because she figured out how to do something different and get the client to smile.”

“None of us are a brand. We are now entering a world where it’s ok to be human again.”