“Always have respect for the dead. They cannot participate in life. This applies to people as well as organizations. As you seek the resurrection of feelings and partnerships, limit your expectations, and you will have more of an opportunity to learn from the encounter, rather than be disappointed that your memories were not rekindled. Listen for the sincerity of the
connection you make. If you do not fully hear and feel it, do not expect it or ask for it. Move on. There are many more emotionally satisfying and creatively productive moments ahead of you than those that have gone by, and, in passing, those old moments have surrendered their inconsistent flow to the quality of performance you have chosen to inculcate in your artist’s being.

Respect the power within your own choices, and make no comparisons, as you will only have a fraction of the all the facts in another person’s life to make a judgement. Suspend internal judgment.

Respect the power of who you are. You do this by being humble, truthful, and trustworthy.”

– Mark Yoslow, mentor and friend from 1998 to the Present