Jeremiah Owyang talks about, “Why you don’t need to tweet to drive traffic to your web site”. He summarizes the experiment below:

• My experiment on ‘energizing’ (word of mouth) was successful from blog to twitter, learn about my goals.
• You don’t need to be on Twitter.com as an active user to gain traffic to your site.
• Since my twitter account wasn’t involved, the number of Twitter followers doesn’t matter as much as we once thought.
• If you have compelling content, and make it easy for people to share, they will, and then it will rapidly spread through the twitter WOM network.
• While I do have a good sized blog readership, a marketer with advertising budget could easily generate eyeballs to a blog with less subscribers, and potentially get similar results.
• If you read the comments, there were several vendors that are going to offer a tweet icon at the bottom of your blog post, or wordpress plugin, so expect to see more of these.


What’s fascinating about this post is that it confirms that if you have great content then you will get people interested in what you have to say and thus visiting your blog.