What I learn from following UX Designers on Twitter:

User’s Brain vs Your Design – A Brief reminder of gestalt principles as applied to 2D design.

The Yahoo Pattern Library – Good to help explore ideas on how to design something. Not an end all be all answer.

The Semantic Web and a semantic search for Information Architecture.

Why Couples Therapy for Designers and Developers? – We often use a conveyor belt method to manage products. Designers do their work up front, then “hand off” their creation expecting it can be built and won’t change. Then the Developers need to create something they’ve previously had little involvement with. It’s critical that these transition phases be a two-way channel, and not the closing of a door. The detail of what works might be specific to your team, but in the end, our research shows that communication is what makes great teams work. Successful projects are built around the involvement and engagement of all parties at every phase of the project. How do you facilitate this? Bring everyone, including designers, developers, and stakeholders into the earliest discussions. Involve team members in solving problems that you encounter. Hold reviews after every phase during the project.

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