Bad Ass Lady Creatives features some really cool and fun typography that has a rather nice surprise buried deep within the letters. Did you notice the nod to Breaking Bad in one of the letters? Beautiful art work.

Speaking of Typography, Smashing Magazine wrote up just how much free fonts, once an ugly stepchild, have grown into beautiful art that you will want to take advantage of. Then, Typographica has written about their favorite fonts of 2013 and then there’s also the latest trends in web fonts.

Have you been looking for some tips and tricks in CSS?  Maybe some information on how to convert and make a favicon? Or how to do Javascript templates? Look no further. CSS Tricks answers those questions and a lot more with screencasts and various blog posts.

Mix it Up helps you:

  • Filter and sort elements with CSS3-optimised animations
  • Build on top of your existing percentage-based responsive layouts and media queries
  • Control filtering and sorting via a simple clickable interface or build more complex custom UI via an extensive API
  • Customise your animations with CSS3 transforms and easing
  • Add and remove elements in real time via an Ajax-friendly API
  • Perform simultaneous filter, sort, and layout change operations

They, also, have a fun tool you can play with until you find the layout you desire.

PixelCasts creates and uploads a new video each month to show you how to become a better designer by highlighting some of the best designers in the industry. Then it shows you how to do what they did.

In today’s responsive environment, prototyping can prove tricky; Susy appears to come to the rescue.

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