iPhone Hacks has a rather nice and extensive list of all the new features and design changes for iOS 7.7. There’s some nicely added new features with the update such as a buy album button iTunes. For further depth in designing for iOS, Luke W goes into great detail some of the benefits and negatives of designing for the latest iOS 7 updates. For further fun on iOS 7 vs iOS 7.1, PolarB has created a site for users to rate their love (or hate) of the latest features.

Google does a great job of trying to make it as easy as possible for developers and designers alike to make sense of how to build for their platform, even providing a bunch of icons and more for us to use. They also break down what’s new in every update, in this case, Android 4.4, in their developer guide. Also, on Android dot com, there’s more in depth information on the latest in interaction in Android 4.4.

Graham Todman, a fellow UI/UX designer over in the UK, wrote up a rather nice article on doing visual design for Android which really helped me break down how to design and develop the icons for developers. As well as, what in the world sp and dp mean. Apparently, if I understand it correctly, 1 sp = 1 px. And as long as you are designing in vector, they should be scalable no matter what size you hand it off to the developers at.

If you are looking for design inspiration for the Android, check out this list of the 30 best designed apps for 2013.

For a fun tech throwback to 1967, I ran across this IBM commercial directed by none other than Muppets fame founder, Jim Hensen. ¬†According to this commercial, “Computers should work and people should think“.