This was notes from a talk. ¬†Unfortunately, it was written a while ago and I don’t recall which seminar/talk this is from. What’s taken as notes is interesting enough I decided to post it. Notes below.


Online experiences have yet to fin their true form….

Capabilities of tech:
There’s no longer a trade off between mobility and functionality.Myraid of mutatin interfaces including gaming interfaces and “sixth sense” (a wearabkle computers) Top things that aq person is concerned with is ease of use (even in new tech).

Mint was radical because for the first time you could aggregate all financial information into one place. Fast forward and now you find bundle to see your spending vs other people like you.


Zwillow has a mobile app that will allow you to drive around the neighborhood you in.

Charlotte Russe – Allows people to search, find, and socialize shopping choices with friends live within the browser

Live Kick – customize the home with artists you like through last.fm/itunes/etc

Deeper, ongoing customer insights. Multichannel views of the customer journey. Atomized content and functionality. Incubation environment. Terrific design skills.