I had four main goals walking into startup weekend:

1) Research – The last time I was a part of a startup was in 1998 during the Dot Com boom. It was a great time to be a part of a startup. I had missed the energy of one and was curious to see what people are doing and if that energy was still around.

It was! The excitement and energy in the room was addicting. You wanted to be there, even if you didn’t sleep till Sunday evening. The projects themselves were very exciting as well from Flout (an anonymous mobile posting app) to Metayoo (mobile professional networking) to a bridal app that helped brides with planning and decision making to RexMobi (a prescription reminder and tracker). Tons of creativity went into the weekend.

2) Creative Project Hunting – I’ve long had a desire to design for mobile and to do something radically different than the day to day projects I work on. Not only was it mobile weekend but I also got to push the limits of my own skill sets which leads me to point 3.

3) Skill Building – I got to both test the waters with Business Model Generation and work on my visual design skills. I don’t consider myself a visual designer despite a background in it because I have worked with some of the very best in their field. I still have a lot to learn to be as good as a visual designer as I am an interaction designer. However,what I learned about myself is that in a pinch I will figure it out and get the job done.