Lately I have noticed an increase in the amount of requests for “Social Media UX Designers”. This worries me. It worries me much like the Pied Piper whom led all the rats out of the village only for them to drown in the river. This is a drastic illustration of my perspective but it does illustrate a point.

Social media is about connections and sharing experiences. It will not suddenly give your business a boost without your business having a product/service your customers (ie users) fall in love with. If you as a business create a product that the users love they will run to Facebook or Twitter or any other service to let their network know about it. On the flip side, they will also say how much they hate it.

Business needs to understand this important distinction and consider their business strategy before implementing a social media tool to their toolbox. They need to ask why they think they need it and strategize that need along with exploring what users need. Combine the two with a social media strategy that fits your business and you might find you have utilized a tool to create a solution.