Notes from the Social Gamine Summit: Engagement talk


.@cquarles “innovation will be more important and flattery less as time goes on”
.@mark_skaggs look at the long term for engagement. 30, 60, 90 days. We get scared when day 1 is not at 60. Long term 30% is great!
Meaure: high teens as a benchmark, it’s not natural to bring people back regularly in some genre’s

Measure engagement: DAU, MAU (what are these again? Is there a workshop on game metrics?)
.@mark_skaggs “striking the balance between marketing and spam” Can Z not send me emails about games I don’t play anymore?

Metrics drive the knowledge of the user. Get the user to trust you to drive monetize.
Tap into social desire. (Buying virtual roses for a love on Facebook for V. Day.) Understand emotions. Tap into them.

Use special events. (Superberries only available for a certain time.) Create urgency call to action.
How do you surprise and delight business users in business systems when the goal is often get in and get out?
Super berries and AMA award related items in Farmville and Sorrority Life drew users in.
Adding on cities added “segments” to mafia wars and drew more users back in.
Surprise and delight users.
Its time for casual social games to look beyond the point and click for engaging content. (Absolutely!!)
Facebook photo is like your brand or your friend’s brand.
More and more mobile developers are looking to go cross platform