Keynote originally presented by Nathan Shedroff at the IxDA conference in Savanna, Georgia in February 2010. It is recaptured here from the San Francisco, IxDA Redux.

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Nathan Shedroff argues in his keynote address to the IxDA that we can no longer separate business, design, and sustainability. For companies it’s not just about products anymore.

What, then, is the intent behind consumption? We aren’t going to stop consumption. We can be taught not to be wasteful. New York City requires citizens to recycle or their buildings are fined. This requirement meant I needed to get educated about what should and should not be recycled. I found it unfortunate, when I moved away, that other cities in America are not also teaching this.

Meaning is the deepest connection that can be made between people or people & objects. Meaning is a hulu hoop around us that expands out to values, emotions, price, & features. Most buying decisions are based on emotional engagement.

There are 15 core meanings, such as, accomplishment, enlightenment, redemption, beauty, freedom, security, harmony, creation, duty, justice. We need to reframe “Less is More” to “More for Less” for everyone outside the sustainability & design worlds.

Interaction Designers are the most well posed to make meaning happen as we have models, research methods, comfort with ambiguity, are service orientated, and customer focused. Freedom and security can have different expressions based on prioritization & meaning.

Personally, I question that without some sort of business training, can designers speak the language of business so that they can be heard?