Golden Section: Ratio between two sections of a line or the two dimentions of a plane figure, in which the lesser of the 2 is greater as greater is the sum of both. Expressed as such:

a/b = b/a+b

“A regulating line is an assurance against capriciousness. It’s a means of verification, which can ratify all work created in fervor. It confers on the work the quality of rhythm. The regulating line brings in this tangible form of mathematics which gives the reassuring perception of order. The choice of a regulating line fixes the fundamental geometry of more…It’s a means to an end; It’s not a recipe.”

What? Designers speak their own language. No wonder the business world looks at them funny. Granted I was one and am returning to the design world but I think I need a “design language 101” course. Here’s another:

“But if there is not order, there is no way of telling what the work is trying to say.”

That’s far and makes sense. The teacher today said to get a sketchbook and start learning to illustrate your ideas visually. Right…

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