Project details

Role: Senior UI/UX Designer
Date Completed: 03/28/2014
Client: Insightly

Project description


Hired to overhaul the design of this company’s mobile apps, I focused on revamping the UI for iOS 7 first.

To start, I got familiar with the web based version of the app by building out a sitemap of the existing app. Then started to pick apart what was needed in the first release verse what could wait and built out a mobile sitemap accordingly. Then went through and built out the iOS wireframes, in Omnigraffle, testing with prototypes, and reiterating along the way. I’d have regular check ins with the Product Manager and the CEO. As we solidified the user experience and architecture, I began the visual design, in Sketch, iterating with feedback and making changes along the way. Then built a styleguide in InDesign and created the assets to hand off the UI to the developers.

For the next release, I was focused on updating the Android UI to current 4.4 standards. Basing the app on the same architecture as the iOS app, I overhauled the design to fit the Android look and feel. Built out the style guide and released the UI to our Android developer.

I was also responsible for the following:

• Developing presentations on user research
• Writing up surveys and interview questionnaires for research
• Assisting with the development of the user training manuals

Skills Used: Wireframes, Presentation Development, Mobile App Design (Android/iOS), Visual Design, Team Leadership, Ethnographic User Research, Usability Testing, Working with Remote Teams, Prototyping, User Experience

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