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Role: Lead UX Designer
Date Completed: 4/26/2010
Client: Bank of America

Project description


For the Real Estate Center (REC) I was lead on the project and worked with a visual designer and content strategist to set direction of this project.  For the REC, there were 3 vendors (one for each section: New Construction, Bank Owned, & Existing Home).  I was in charge of making sure that each vendor aligned with the UX style guide.  In order to speed this rather challenging process, I utilized the template we used for wireframes to provide feedback, back to the teams.  When asked for s custom design for the maps, I worked closely with the visual design to come up with the icon design. In many other projects on the same team, I proposed information graphics to help users understand processes and financial concepts around real estate. We had 4 months to redesign the REC, which resulted in an increase of pre-qualification leads from 150 to 441 (294%) within 3 months after launch.

Skills Used: Vision, InDesign, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, User Flows, User Testing, Wireframes, Functional Specifications, Project Management. Mobile, Web

Full Wireframes on Coroflot

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