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Role: Lead UX Designer
Date Completed: 11-25-2008
Client: CBS News

Project description


About a month into this project the lead was let go due to an organizational reorg, having never done a news site before I was suddenly in charge of the user experience of this entire site and communicating the UX to the rest of the team. The top navigation was already set as well as the home page. I was tasked with blog pages, special reports, top ten page, show pages, and everything else on the site. I want to highlight one page in particular, the video page. The business requirement was to ensure that several categories of news types were accessible from the page. I explored a bunch of approaches through sketching and came up with a carousel approach that listed all the news types in a left hand navigation and then to the right was a 2 up and 4 across of video images with a summary below.  Each video image as you scrolled over it would give a quote from the video to give the user an experience of the video clip before they played it. This layout increased video consumption by 60% after launch. The remainder of the site saw a 40% increase in traffic.

Two other large news organizations copied this layout.

Skills Used: Illustrator, User Flows, Wireframes, Competitive Research, User Testing, User Research, Project Management

Full Wireframes on Coroflot

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