Project details

Role: Game Designer
Date Completed: Sep 30, 1998
Client: StudioFX

Project description


While working for StudioFX I had the opportunity to design several games for the GumbyWorld and Underdog websites we were developing for an online mall of old cartoon characters and their collectible items.  I learned to code in javascript and lingo in order to build out both these games and others, like a whack a mole variety game for Underdog.

DressGoo was a paper doll type of game where kids could dress Goo in various outfits.  I designed all the artwork in the game and built it all out for the site.

Concentration game was a memory game developed in Javascript for Gumbyworld.

Gumbyworld was originally developed in the late 90’s.  Surprisingly, until just recently (Dec 2011), all of the above was still up and live on the Gumbyworld site.

Skills Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Visual Designer, Game Designer, Sound Designer, Developer

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