Project details

Role: Lead UX Designer & Researcher
Date Completed: 9/15/2013
Client: Available In Person Only

Project description


Hired to research and design a game engine, I started with building some concept sketches to present to management. Taking inspiration from Adobe products and various game engines, I looked to make game engines more approachable for the average designer & developer. For most designers, Adobe feels very approachable but having used Adobe products since version 3 of Photoshop, how do I step back and think about that first time use case?

I spent time throughout the process talking to developers and researching game engines. I felt it was important to allow for both coding and design within the same area. Also, due to the complexity of game engines and game development in general, I looked to design the system with flexibility to grow beyond the initial release.

I was also responsible for the following:

• Developed presentations on user research
• Wrote up surveys and interview questionnaires for research
• Recruited game engine developers and designers for interviews
• Worked exclusively with remote teams all across the US

Skills Used: Wireframes, Presentation Development, Software Design, Team Leadership, User Research, Interview & Focus Group Design, Working with Remote Teams

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