Project details

Role: Founder
Date Completed: 6/30/2013
Client: Leadership Network Hackathon

Project description


Taking part in a weekend long hackathon, I really wanted to focus on the building an app to help organizations combat trafficking. Realizing that no one else was going to focus on this issue, I decided to take a risk and attempt to make this happen. After presenting my idea I formed a team.

Initially we focused on building an app that would allow everyday citizens trained in the issue of human trafficking to report suspected cases of trafficking. However, taking advantage of the national human trafficking hotline, I did a little user research.  The call resulted in a pivot because law enforcement isn’t always trained in this issue and can cause more pain rather then help. Next we started to focus on a case management app. However, the human trafficking rep from IJM mentioned that they already had something like that but needed a case reporting app. Thus Free as Me (FAM) was born.

I built the wireframes and then lead the team through to the final app.

The video below shows what we developed over the weekend. The app won Best of Social Justice.

Check out the video of what we created on YouTube.

Skills Used: Wireframes, Presentation to Venture Capital, Mobile, Team Leadership, User Research

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