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Web Applications

Game Engine Design

Hired to research and design a game engine, I started with building some concept sketches to present to management. Taking inspiration from

Couponing Application Redesign

Redesign the internal application of a couponing application for a major hobby reseller.Skills Used: Wireframes, Web, Omni

Real Estate Center

For the Real Estate Center (REC) I was lead on the project and worked with a visual designer and content strategist to set direction of this

Menu Food Ordering Application

I was hired to design the user experience of this large food ordering application for restaurants from Mom & Pop shops up to the govern

News Site Redesign

About a month into this project the lead was let go due to an organizational reorg, having never done a news site before I was suddenly in c

Health Bridge

Health Bridge was designed to be an application to facilitate communication between patients and doctors.  Though originally focused on t