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Visual Design


I was the first UX hire at an HR software firm who was looking to move from a group of Windows based applications to one cohesive experience

Slide Design

Tasked with representing both how we differentiate ourselves from the competition and our roadmap for an all hands meeting. I created these

Small Business CRM

Hired to overhaul the design of this company's mobile apps, I focused on revamping the UI for iOS 7 first.To start, I got familiar with the

Responsive Cosmetics Site

Client was looking for a mobile version of their recently updated web site. In order to make it feel responsive we had to re-engineer sectio

Visual Design Test

While interviewing with Minted they gave me a design challenge involving both visual and UX design. They wanted to look at how to redesign t

Social Job Hunting Application

For a startup weekend I joined this team as the key visual and UX designer. I developed the look and feel and architecture of this social ne