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Taking a Medical Insurance Provider Responsive

Tasked with the challenge of reverse engineering wires for a web site into a responsive experience on mobile was no easy task. I started wit

Visual Design Test

While interviewing with Minted they gave me a design challenge involving both visual and UX design. They wanted to look at how to redesign t

Spark Redesign

Spark came to me to redesign their site to better communicate who they were, what they did, and how members could get involved. After a brie

Responsive Insurance Claims

For this project, we were tasked with utilizing Mobile First and Responsive Web thinking to completely revamp this insurance companies vario

Retirement Redesign

For this project we were tasked with the redesign of a section of a large mutual fund firm.We started the project with user research, interv

Trash Smart Mobile App

The Trash Smart App was a short 3 week assignment to take the 1800 Recycle API and transform it into a commercial downloadable iPhone app th

Cloud Based Gaming System

With this project I had to consider the cloud gaming experience across various platforms (Console, Web, Mobile, & PC Games). This system

Social Job Hunting Application

For a startup weekend I joined this team as the key visual and UX designer. I developed the look and feel and architecture of this social ne

Real Estate Center

For the Real Estate Center (REC) I was lead on the project and worked with a visual designer and content strategist to set direction of this
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