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Small Business CRM

Hired to overhaul the design of this company's mobile apps, I focused on revamping the UI for iOS 7 first.To start, I got familiar with the

Free As Me

Taking part in a weekend long hackathon, I really wanted to focus on the building an app to help organizations combat trafficking. Realizing

Mobile Banking App

Lead entire organizational wide update of the mobile banking application update for over 12 million customers. Since I was new to the app, I

Responsive Cosmetics Site

Client was looking for a mobile version of their recently updated web site. In order to make it feel responsive we had to re-engineer sectio

Food Retailer Mobile Applications

Client was looking for a baking application add on to their current “Chef” app in hopes that users would think of them whenlooking to do

Taking a Medical Insurance Provider Responsive

Tasked with the challenge of reverse engineering wires for a web site into a responsive experience on mobile was no easy task. I started wit

Responsive Insurance Claims

For this project, we were tasked with utilizing Mobile First and Responsive Web thinking to completely revamp this insurance companies vario

Trash Smart Mobile App

The Trash Smart App was a short 3 week assignment to take the 1800 Recycle API and transform it into a commercial downloadable iPhone app th

Social Job Hunting Application

For a startup weekend I joined this team as the key visual and UX designer. I developed the look and feel and architecture of this social ne
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