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Case Studies

Menu Food Ordering Application

I was hired to design the user experience of this large food ordering application for restaurants from Mom & Pop shops up to the govern

Secret Santa Game

The challenge for the Secret Santa Game was to help a brand update their image with teen girls. They sell accessories and had an outdated, b

Children’s Toy Company Site Redesign

For this site redesign, I was hired for a quick two week turnaround & a proposed the new site design.  I immediately went to work on ge

Appliance Web Site Redesign

This redesign of a German Appliance Company's site. The site covers most European countries (ie 13 countries and 13 different languages).  

Software Update Tracker Application

Assigned to the redesign of this popular software tracking application that would alert users of updates to DLL's, software, etc, I worked o

News Site Redesign

About a month into this project the lead was let go due to an organizational reorg, having never done a news site before I was suddenly in c

Journalist Time Keeper

While living in the UK, I was challenged to redesign the time keeping application for a large international news network. I reached out to a

Financial Advisor Site Redesign

We were hired by a large mutual fund company to redesign their sites.  The front end consumer side had already been done by the time I join

Health Bridge

Health Bridge was designed to be an application to facilitate communication between patients and doctors.  Though originally focused on t
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