The UX Bookclub of LA recently hosted (online) Steve Krug to talk about his new book, “Don’t Make Me Think
(Revisited)“.  It was a great opportunity that they offered this online to anyone and everyone who wanted to call in. In his book he revisited UX as it’s grown up over the years and also got into the user experience of mobile. It’s a great, relatively short read as one caller announced that they read it on a flight.
Below are my notes from the webinar:
They are talking about flat design and iOS7… Steve Krug was asked if usability has taken a back seat to design. He replies, “In the app world that’s true and it’s spilled over to the web world. Now you need to be cool over a usable app.” However, people who are doing usability are doing more than they may have years ago. More people are doing one page websites which answer “how to put it on the phone” but isn’t really high usability. Many anchor links which can be frustrating to users on mobile.
Intro screens have to be designed really well as the expectation is that people have to be paying attention and have a good memory to recall all the different screens. It can’t be confusing and detract from the experience.
Safari gestures don’t always do what I want them to do. About to ask Luke W to ask about a standard gestures movement. If you’re going to go cross platform than you have to relearn everything but amongst just iOS it would be great to have standards. Day to day I won’t recall what gesture I need to do in order to get things done. Yes, culture seems to play into that a lot. Better to have buttons and not to rely on memory.
Biggest pet peeve… “Old: Don’t tell me who you are. Like a university not saying where they are. New: One page landing information sites.”
Thoughts on accessibility: You have to go into training to do it well. No one has the time to do that. It’s changing but it’s happening slowly (Book Recommendation: A Web for Everyone)
Favorite Books: “Forms that Work“, “Letting Go of the Words” (there’s some books in the book he also recommends)