This weekend I am participating in a hackathon.  I started live blogging yesterday.  Today is the continuation of the adventure.

The On Going Challenge: Create a new gambling game with the Betable API in a weekend.

Time: 1:52 pm

I’ll admit freely that I got here today quite late so I am feeling really behind even if I am not necessarily behind as it were. I did work on visuals from home and send them in to the team.

I’m also the only girl on this team and this just became really obvious when we started thinking about the some of the interactions within the game.  This all got me thinking back to Anita Sarkeesian‘s, Kickstarter Project…  I realise this is probably not the time to bring this up but it makes me wonder about women working in games in the day to day.  The guys are encouraging a very male component to the game (and I’m being intentionally vague right now till we reveal our game tomorrow) and I’m sitting here feeling like, “Wait… We don’t want to focus this game on men alone.  We want both sexes to feel comfortable playing the game.” While I do agree the idea is funny, I am finding myself wrestling with how do you strike a balance between something that’s a funny element verses potentially crossing the line? This may not be something crossing the line but it’s something that’s making me think more about the uphill battle Anita is bringing to light. (Edited at 3:24pm to add: What exactly would gambling games geared towards women look like anyway!?)

Time: 2:27 pm

Working with these guys is interesting. Being the only designer it is so funny to me how differently they think to me. I think many times the engineers and I are saying the same thing but it’s not clear till we say it a few times and then draw pictures and eventually we come to an understanding.  So if you’re paying attention… SKETCHES ARE KEY!

Time: 3:19 pm

Houston!  We have a color scheme!










We actually have much more then that… Like icons and such but I don’t want to give too much away.

Time: 3:27 pm






Oh noes!  What happened to our hero!? Well… You know… What happens in Bangkok… (Stay tuned to find out!)

Time: 11:07 pm

Sorry to leave everyone hanging.  Been so focused on graphics I haven’t really had the time to post. I just completed a wager button using our color scheme I created earlier. I’ve done buttons before in the past but being that I focus on wires most of the time I don’t do it enough to remember how to do it so off to Google I go. I found this great (despite being PC focused) tutorial for Photoshop CS5 and away we go. Moments later we have a wager button (which strangely enough WordPress has cut the corners off of)! For the font I am using Arial. I didn’t want to spend the time trying to figure out the font scheme. I know it would only enhance the entire visual of the game but I’d rather focus on getting other things right right now.  I can circle back if I need to. I suspect in a normal work environment I would have spent the time to figure out the look and feel from the beginning rather then figuring it as I go in this experience. But this is me pulling rusty skills out of the closet, dusting them off, and figuring it out as I go.



We’ve had some adventures here as well. Including walking down to the DNA Lounge to hand over much of the left over food to the my friends at the club so they have dinner tonight.  Not that they are starving but the food needs to go somewhere and they’ll gladly take advantage. (84 people had signed up and didn’t show up to the Hackathon. More opportunity for us!) Besides for me it’s good to get out, walk around, and see some of my friends.

Time: 4:10 am

I’m hopelessly delirious right now but I was in the swing of things and wanted to pump out a bunch of graphics.  So I did.  Here’s a taste of our “slot window”:










Hopefully our hero will survive!

I now know… By the way… the benefits of layers when doing graphics in Photoshop! Not to mention a whole bunch of other neat things I had either “temporarily forgotten” over the years since the last time I was a visual designer officially (1998). I know I am starting to think much more like a visual designer when I start complaining about the fonts on my system and that the “clip art” found online is not really doing what I want. BUT this is literally 48 hours to design a game… FOCUS!

Oh one more goody…










Ok bed for a few hours before I literally fall asleep here at my desk.