Notes from the Social Gaming Panel:

@davemcclure zynga growth evidence of success in harvesting CPA/cpc land grab strat last year, IMHO. Timing’s everything.
@chasnote is that a lot? Seems light if Job’s estimates on connected devices are right considering Tv’s $7.3bn upfront. Just sayin…
Re: future of social gaming panel. Think if they play cards right they can pull a Jobs & do to Hollywood what web has done to print.
Panel of Social Gaming experts respond to question “what’s prediction of growth for space?” W/request to define the space. Broad definition.
More social gaming predictions: more vertical vs horizontal/everyone plays hits; FB still dominates; mobile convergence
If you want to understand where FB will go you need to understand the mind of an ambitious 26-year old w/comprehensive vision.
Some context to FB changes for game developers: invest a lot of money in game features, fb changes, throw app in trash.
Lyng @playdom predicts: international market growth; deeper, maybe hardcore gamer hits & massive changes on fb platform (again)
Jonathan @zynga predicts: farmville-like blockbuster coming, possibly from indie; international market growth in next year.
Zynga & playdom–big stakes players in FB ecosystem–say they believe changes that benefit users offer long-term success potential for dev.
Discussion about FB socialgraph changes impacting game develpers. Cautious responses from panel ranging from light jabs to endorsement.
“Future of Social Gaming” panel incl VC ThinkPink, Zynga, Playdom & others (pic) http://twitgoo.com/z5wg9
Nooman, COO of 25-person PeanutLabs showing some smart tactics to increase in-game monetiaztion that marketers can apply irl.
DeLoura invites app developers for launch. No in app payment systems but coming. Email mdeloura at gmail dot com for deck/more inf.
DeLoura wrote 14 lines of script, loaded a flash game into store & ready to sell in the store. Demoed Goog Pacman as example.
Chrome webstore will be in browser, one-click install & buy for web apps (for starters, right?)
DeLoura extolling virtues of Chrome for gaming. Says browser went frm 30-70mm users in past 9-months.
First up: Mark DeLoura of Google/Chrome–1st gaming hire at Google. Begins talk w/sober stats on trad gaming biz in decline.
“Future of Social Gaming Panel” @ Googleplex in Mtn Vw. Healthy presence of geeks in crowd. Good sign.
VC trends over 7 years: web investments less cap intensive. 20% volume of investments; 10% of dollars. http://bit.ly/9GFj70 via @shervin
Pepsi’s tapping valley talent the way they’ve sourced relevance from Hollywood & Madison Avenue. Smart (client): http://adage.com/u/DxwwRa
FB launches new data dashboard around Like function: http://bit.ly/ch5aM3