I wouldn’t normally utilize this space for such a thing but I am finding my back against the preverbal wall. I signed myself up to run for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October. I need to raise $3000 and only have $200 with the recommit deadline looming on the horizon next week.

Now I hate to run and hate to ask people for money so why in the world would I sign myself up to do this!? There was the rub. I wanted to in every way push myself beyond my boundaries and found this to be a “safe” spot to try. Fundraising is challenging and I have found it to be even more challenging by the simple fact I am being faced with all my issues regarding money. The running seems easy in comparison. Even the 5 mile run I did the other day across hilly terrain.

Next I come to discover that in every possible way the fundraising system I was “gifted” with for the process is inherently broken. I went in and imported my address book from Gmail, started editing the email addresses one by one to ensure names were correct, only to come to discover that none of it works! I cannot select from the address book any of the names in the system because they are still the original names I imported (ie asmith rather than Alicia Smith). Nothing had changed at all! What’s up with that!? Talk about a user experience nightmare! I mean the site itself is an absolute disaster and then I come to find that I cannot even get letters out as I expected!? No wonder fundraising is such a nightmare. The systems the poor NGO’s of the world have to use are antiqued and painful and that’s on the plus side!

Here I wanted to challenge myself and in the process honor my mom who is a 30 year non-Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor and yet I have to work with antiquated, painful systems! So can you help a girl out here and donate? At least encourage me despite the horrible system I have to work with? I’d appreciate it either way. After all this I’ll make sure to straighten them out. Thank you so much in advance!

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Update: TNT was quick to help me out and resolve my issue. They have added my requests to a list of updates to be done to the future state of the site. I appreciate TNT’s willingness to jump in and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. However, I had to quit the race for this year since I was unable to pull in enough funds to feel comfortable recommitting.