Smart Experience posted a small webinar about Carousels on their Facebook group.

Most of us in the industry design with carousels all the time. Smart Experience says they have become very popular because of their ability to provide a bunch of information visually. The mind processes information visually a lot faster than data.

If you plan to design with carousels then the first thing someone should know in designing carousels is that it is about imagery.  In fact, designing the imagery in a straight line allows the user to know just how many images there are within a carousel such as the example in the video.

Carousels create depth of field, much like flipping through several documents stacked on top of each other.

Always keep in mind that carousels are about browsing information, not searching.

Finally, Victor points out that carousels should be fun.  I don’t know that I agree with this last point of his. After all, some information found in carousels is hardly fun such as buying an appliance but then again what can we do as designers to make it interesting and unique? Can we allow the user to move in and out and around the object? Zoom in on certain features they need to learn more about? Add visualizations wherever needed to help explain features that may not be easily understood without a visit to a store?  As designers, we get to create those experiences in those modules.  To that point, it’s not just about creating a clean interface that gets the information the user needs to them but taking it a step further and helping the user to gain understanding when needed.