Notes from the talk, “We’re all Content Strategists Now” given by Karen McGrane. You can see the original video here.


Define the process.

Content deserves to be talked about and to develop a process behind it. Think beyond the template.

Think beyond the template
Speak up and tell them why content is important to the experience. Even if they don’t want to listen.
Get content in the project plan, even if you’re not responsible for it
Scare people with the giant spreadsheet of terror
Prototype and test wireframes and designs with the best and worst case example content
Start the content migration early: first step, not last.

Evaluate content Qualitye
Evaluate the content on your site (access whether it’s any good or not)
Have a strategy for how to persuade stakeholders that your approach is valid
Conduct a gap analysis to compare what you have to what you need
You can usability test content too.

Plan for content creation
Connect back to the overal brand and messaging architecture
Direct the writer to appropriate sourcce materials both online and offline
Guide selection of images, videos, and data visualizations if needed.
Indicate how often each content element should be reviewed, edited, or deleted
Provide direction across channels (web, email, etc)

Don’t fear new roles
You will advocate for content
You will use your new content strategy tools
You will partner with content strategists