Whitney Hess recently published an article on mashable.com called 10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design.

The short version that UXD is not is as follows:

  • …user interface design
  • …a step in the process
  • …about technology
  • …just about usability
  • …just about the user
  • …expensive
  • …easy
  • …the role of one person or department
  • …a single discipline
  • …a choice

Dan Saffer, founder and principal at Kicker Studio, agrees that it’s common for design to be mistaken for being solely about decoration or styling. “I’ve had clients tell me not to worry about what their strategy is,” he says, “because why would a designer care about that? UX is more than just skin deep.”


UX is more than just skin deep. As UX designers we should be buried in the process from step one, the concept, to assist with feeling and experience around a certain product. We can mesh that with strategy and business needs and goals throughout the project lifecycle to ensure a win win for all involved. After all without an engaging product that is a feel good experience from start to finish your marketing will fall flat and your customers will slowly walk away.