I have been spending the day between class and after a short break to see “Keeping Up with the Steins” researching and researching my thesis project. I ended up finding some interesting articles on the Harvard Business Review site about storytelling as a means of persuasion. 3M culturely uses story telling to tell of the life and history of thier products such as post it notes. They also are restructing thier business plans to br turned into stories… strategic stories… that tell the life of the company, the competitors, the market share, and how they will continue to move forward in the future.

This got me thinking.

Right now as I see it Six Sigma and other Change Management objectives seek through means of data (process documentation, numbers, etc) to create change within an organization for the betterment of all… That could be as most MBA’s would see it simply looking at the bottom line. In other words decreasing expenses while increasing profit. However, there are other factors invovled within an organization that have to be considered. One of those is the human factor.

It is human nature to resist change unless of course you are completely comfortable with it.

The arguement I have been considering making is that design can be used to translate a lot of that data that comes back (the analysis) and the change (strategy) to make it easy for anyone across any organization to understand the need for said change(s). (Which, btw, a good portion of my table in class today said… “this is needed” Glad I have a concensis amongst those I may be working with on CM projects at a later date.)

Let’s now drop back to what I was talking about earlier. What if these changes could be translated into a story, that’s engaging and enjoyable, and has complex information graphics that can be pulled to explore later if one desired, to sell to employees the need for the change? Now I know a lot of resistance can be dealt with by using the proper channels which is part of the argument this class is making BUT there are times when CM is making changes across an organization and may have a harder time getting buy in. Thus the use of information design and story telling would darw the user/viewer in and help sell the reasons for the change to get buy in.

That’s my theory anyhow.