When not working in interaction design I am passionate about affecting change in the world and ending modern day slavery. I support and work with various organization to help see an end to this fast growing industry. Hiring me means a percentage of my earnings goes towards these incredible organizations.

Description: The SOLD Project finds kids who are at risk to be sold into slavery and matches them with a sponsor who can then sponsor their education because unlike the west education isn’t free in Thailand.
My Contribution: I currently sponsor one of their kids and am looking to go over and teach the kids about mobile development through the Mobile Elephant Project

Description: Spark finds organizations who empower women, raise money to support said organizations and then support them.  Fifity percent of the funds goes to organizations local to the US and then the rest goes abroad.
My Contribution: Member and UX Designer responsible for their current site. See the project now.

Description: Solace provides support and resources to local sex workers and helps them transition out of the life.
My Contribution: Annual buy Christmas gifts for some of the ladies and/or gents.

Description: Not For Sale creates tools and empowers others to fight slavery on the ground.