Each company was/is:
– A premier institution in it’s industry
– Widely admired by knowledgeable businesspeople
– Made an indelible imprint on the world in which we live
– Had multiple generations of chief execs
– Been through multiple product (or service) life cycles
– Founded before 1950*

Shattered twelve long standing myths:
1) It takes a great idea to start a great company
2) Visionary companies require great and charismatic visionary leaders
3) The most successful companies exist first and foremost to maximize profits (Yet this is a widely held truism in business schools.)
4) Visionary companies share a common subset of “correct” core values
5) The only constant is change
6) Blue-Chip companies play it safe
7) Visionary companies are great places to work, for everyone
8) Highly successful companies make thier best moves by brilliant and complex strategic planning
9) Companies should hire outside CEO’s to simulate fundamental change
10) The most successful companies focus primarily on beating the competition
11) You can’t have your cake and eat it too
12) Companies become visionary primarily through “vision statements”