10:52 pm

The Challenge: Create a new gambling game with the Betable API in a weekend.

First Steps: People present ideas… Only two presented.  An MMO and a play off Pokemon.
Second Step: Find a team.

I choose to jump on board with the team with an idea.  I’m really just here for the experience and because I am curious. 

Third Step: Who’s doing what? And just what are we doing anyway?

Designers are always in short supply for things like this.  While a great place to really challenge your code skills, if you’re looking for opportunities to stretch your visual design skills this might be a better opportunity.  Whatever the case, they are weekends of growth and experience that you can add to a resume and walk away with a built project and potentially something published. This is why I am here… for the growth. So I took over visual design and experience and let the guys (I’m the only girl) take over the code.That I can’t really speak to except to say I knew enough to know who was breaking down into front end code (javascript and html5), api code, and back end code (ruby).

There was a quick dissemination between who was strong in front end code and who wasn’t so roles would change quickly. I’m still “designer-team-of-one”.

Over the course of the night we decided we’re going to go a different direction. Still utilizing the original mechanics of Pokemon we’re going to play it up to something more “adult”.  I don’t want to give away what we are doing specifically since this is still early in the hackathon and might give away our project to other competing teams. But let’s just say my background in User Experience is playing well into the game design itself. We have a vision and a focus and it’s going to be beautiful!  Not that I am bias.

But in the mean time if you’d like to get a small taste of our game?  See the image above to get a feel for the game board.