An old journal entry dated Oct 2001… Can’t believe I was thinking about this for that long.

Balancing Design and Information: Why did you choose this topic?
I chose it because striking a balance between information and graphic design is a daily tug-of-war for me.

:This is so true!

Somewhere along the Internet timeline, designers have been asked to wear two hats. I don’t fully understand how this happened because it seems counter productive to the creative psyche. Information design is such an undefined job description. Some people define it differently than I do, but for the sake of clarification, I’ll attempt to define it in light of the role I’ve assumed in my current position:

Information design is the breakdown of information, in a database or raw format, rebuilt for Internet use with an infrastructure that lends itself to a navigation system that others find intuitive.

: think about this further. How is it Intuitive? What is expected on a site? How do people think about a site? How do they find their way around a site? What specifically is intuitive about it? (ask people in the industry about it)

The description makes my head spin. I’m visually-oriented. I create with the right side of my brain. Yet my job asks me to use the left side of my brain; the side that requires the formulation of words to describe a picture that I already have in my head.

: As a designer how do you work with this? around this? What would help in getting your visual images into words or onto the computer screen?

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I was doing some reading online about design and came across this article about balancing information and design. I believe it was written by Danielle Hull.