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NARS Responsive


  • Client was looking for a mobile responsive version
    of their site. Having just had the site designed,
    they hired us to move it mobile!
SPARK Redesign


  • Spark came to me to redesign their site to better
    communicate who they were, what they did, and
    how members could get involved.

What the @!#$
is UX Design?

  • In this video, Matthew Magain, explains what UX is and why you should learn more about it. He covers how we explore both the user needs and the business needs.
  • Welcome to Design By Candlelight!

    Renata has had over 5 years of experience working on various projects from mobile apps to entertainment to finance and everything else in-between. Check out my history and let's talk about where I can fit with your next project.
    I love a good challenge. Some of my favorite projects have thrown me in the middle of something I've never done before, such as the CBS News Redesign. Let's talk about your project and where I could fit in.
    When you've been given as much as I have, it's important to give back. The issue closest to my heart is human trafficking and I am exploring ways to put my skills to use in that area.
    On my free time I am always exploring new projects, reading about the latest on UX and tech, or being inspired by things I see around the web. This area highlights projects I am working on, code I am exploring, design ideas I'm playing with, stuff I am reading, and videos I am viewing, anything related to user experience and technology.

    Recent Projects

    • Small Business CRM

      Hired to overhaul the design of this company's mobile apps, I focused on revamping the UI for iOS 7 first. To start, I got familiar with the web based version of the app by building out a sitemap of the existing app. Then started to pick apart wha...

      Game Engine Design

      Hired to research and design a game engine, I started with building some concept sketches to present to management. Taking inspiration from Adobe products and various game engines, I looked to make game engines more approachable for the average desig...

      Free As Me

      Taking part in a weekend long hackathon, I really wanted to focus on the building an app to help organizations combat trafficking. Realizing that no one else was going to focus on this issue, I decided to take a risk and attempt to make this happen. ...

    • Mobile Banking App

      Lead entire organizational wide update of the mobile banking application update for over 12 million customers. Since I was new to the app, I originally created flows with the screen shots for the entire application, something no one had access to b...

      Responsive Cosmetics Site

      Client was looking for a mobile version of their recently updated web site. In order to make it feel responsive we had to re-engineer sections of the site while leaving the same look and feel overall. After some initial team brainstorming, I started ...

      Food Retailer Mobile Applications

      Client was looking for a baking application add on to their current “Chef” app in hopes that users would think of them when looking to do some baking. In order to get it out to users before the holidays we had a short turn around time. We create...

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